Fitness Model’s Belly Rolls Allow Us To Keep Using “Bad Angles” As An Excuse For Why We Look Fat In Pictures

Fitness Model's Belly Rolls Allow Us To Keep Using "Bad Angles" As An Excuse For Why We Look Fat In Pictures

I’ve been leaning on the crutch that every photo ever taken of me was at a “bad angle” for about 15 pounds now. And fitness blogger Ashlie Molstad just confirmed that bad angles are not just a thing of my imagination. She posted to Facebook two images of herself on the same day, in the same outfit, at different angles. The photo on the left is pure perfection, and the one on the right more closely resembles what I stare at in the mirror every day.

The caption reads:

Same girl. Different angles.
If I’m going to show you the posed, put together, professional sides of me, I’m gonna make damn sure you see the not so flattering sides too. Because, contrary to what society has taught us to think, our worth isn’t measured by how many belly rolls we have, or how many dimples on our booty, or how much jiggle hangs out on our arms.
Loving ourselves exactly as we are is hard. Because we’ve been told for years that we’re not good enough until we {insert any of the thousands of ideas of perfection that has been fed to us over the years}. But I call BS. I say that the real magic happens when we embrace who we are, at every angle and size.
This doesn’t mean I don’t also struggle with embracing this body I was given, but it does mean that I understand working on loving me is the most important job I will ever have.
Our bodies aren’t broken. The message society is trying to tell us {by airbrushing everything, erasing dimples and rolls and fluff} is.
So even though its really hard, lets remember we are worthy and beautiful and special and ALIVE. Go on and love yourself today, because THAT shit is whats inspiring.
#StopFixingBodies #StartFixingTheWorld

Dope. People are pretty jazzed up about her positive body message. A lot of women are thanking her for her bravery. And I’ll admit, it’s brave as hell. I could never post the photo on the right, but that’s also because not an angle known to man exists where I look like the photo on the right.

In any case, I support her message and can admit she looks pretty bomb in both photos.

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