Frat Guy Finds Passed Out Drunk Girl, Returns Her To Her Friends

Passed Out

My friends and I traveled to a neighboring school this weekend for a huge rivalry game. We knew some people that went there so our vague plan was to crash their tailgate and go out with them for Halloween night. It was a night game so even with the tailgate having a ‘late’ start at noon, we were still able to get plenty messed up. Too messed up in my case. I’m not sure what happened or what my motive was, but I vanished from the group at some point. I remember it being dark and I remember being confused and then I remember nothing.

Did I black out or did I pass out? I’m honestly still not sure. The next thing I remember is being aggressively shaken and seeing you. I don’t remember your name, although, come to think about it, I doubt I ever got your name, but I remember the letters on your hat. You were in a frat, you found me passed out in between cars in parking lot at night, you woke me up, you took my phone, you called my friends, and then you took me to them. You quite literally saved me and I don’t know if I even was coherent enough to say ‘thank you’.

So thank you, random mysterious frat boy. Thank you for saving me. Society hates us right now, but they specifically hate you. Maybe not you, per se, but they hate your “kind.” The media says that you should’ve found me and best case scenario, laughed and taken pictures of the too drunk girl, and worst case scenario, you should’ve raped me. But you didn’t. You found some girl you didn’t know and had never met and went out of your way to make sure she was safe and taken care of. You said “fuck you” to everything the media is currently saying about fraternity men and showed them how men of character and quality act. In one act of random kindness and compassion, you are showing everyone that the actions of a few bad apples, the people the media uses to define Greek life, are not the actions of the larger group.

I wish I knew your name and I wish I knew who you were because my words of gratitude will never be enough. My friends say I was missing for almost two hours. In those two hours, any number of terrible things could have happened to me, but they didn’t. And they didn’t because of you. You will probably never know how much your actions meant to me and to my friends, but somehow I feel like that’s okay. You didn’t do it because you wanted to get laid or because you wanted to be the hero. You did it because it was the right thing to do. You did it because that’s how you were raised and that’s what you were taught.

So one last “thank you.” Thank you for not being the stereotype everyone wants to define fraternity men as but for being what everyone in the Greek community know fraternity men to be. Thank you for saving me.

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