Fraternity Man Steals Bust From Wichita State University; Gets Caught 26 Years Later

From composites to university and town property, to clothing, all the way down to koozies, stealing shit when drunk is practically a collegiate rite of passage — the bigger your loot, the better your victory. This is a test of drunken manhood…or womanhood. Generally, you walk away with your new rain boots, abandoned at the front door of a house party, and don’t give them a thought except for when it’s raining. You don’t feel a shadow of guilt, because this isn’t real stealing — it’s drunken stealing, which is not only permissible, but encouraged. The best robberies, of course, are the ones that really screw your rivals over. Stealing something off your rival sorority’s lawn, or better yet, your rival school’s campus, can make you feel like badass of the year. And you are.

Long after the excitement and hilarity of one such misdemeanor died down, fraternity alumnus Mitchel Potter, 45, was reminded of a time when he returned to school as a hero, after having taken the bronze bust of Robert Frost from Wichita State University’s campus. Potter was a 19-year-old fraternity pledge at the time of his big heist.

“They took me back to Wichita State. And we took up with an active chapter there. I was doing a lot of beer bongs, I guess.”

Of course you were, Mitch. He stole the bust, and returned to campus, where he likely got hazed just a little less that day. He didn’t get caught until now, twenty-six years later. Potter was arrested, sentenced to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service after a tipster called the Wichita, Kansas police.

Potter admitted to his misdemeanor, but as any good fraternity man would, refused to give out the name of his fraternity or university.

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