Fugitive Teen Wants The Media To Use More Flattering Mugshots


Everybody has a friend who is constantly posting pictures where she looks bomb, and you look like a fugly slut. Even if you love her, that petty shit is hard to forgive. Repeat offenders might require an intervention or an ass kicking, depending on how terrible you looked in the Instagram she posted from Saturday night’s pregame. If she failed to edit your teeth but made sure her own were pearly white, I’d just call it quits and drop the friendship altogether.

For one Sydney teen, that friend is the media, and that Instagram is her mugshot. After getting arrested for committing property offenses, Amy Sharp escaped from police custody. She was a low threat to the public, but still wanted by officials, who released photos of the 18-year-old in the hope that the public would help locate her.

Amy, who is a millennial and therefore most likely glued to her phone day in and day out, came across the Facebook status from a news network hoping to find her. She apparently hated the way she looked, because she posted a different picture and asked 7 News, “can you use this photo, please and thank you.”


Oh, and she did all of this while she was still on the run. This chick gives zero fucks, and I’m about it. We all make mistakes when we’re 18, but I don’t think I’ve ever made a mistake as badass as this one. It’s worth noting that the caption of her Facebook cover photo reads, “I’m just a lil princess with anger issues,” which is kind of fantastic, because aren’t we all?


Amy has since been arrested, which makes me very sad, because I’m kind of obsessed with her. I hope she finds the right path and straightens her life out and all that good shit, but mostly I’m hoping she accepts my friend request. I’ve found my new best friend, and I will solemnly swear never to post an unflattering picture of her on the internet.

[via Buzzfeed]

Image via Facebook

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