Gaga Dropped Her Music Video For “Perfect Illusion”


We would all be lying if we said we never sang “Paparazzi” or “Bad Romance” at the top of our lungs with everyone in the room, and that includes the men. Gaga records are just good for drunk singing. And every era of Gaga is different. She was very disco ball glamorous in The Fame, she gave us vampy realness in the Fame Monster, she became an extra-terrestrial with Born this Way and my personal favorite, was her mermaid artsy persona in Artpop. The “Perfect Illusion” era is filed with booty shorts and fabulously cropped tops with its fair share of underboob. Sadly, Gaga recently split with her boo Taylor Kinney, but a heartbroken Gaga always produces the best music. And if “Perfect Illusion” is a look inside the rest of the album, us little monsters are in for a treat.

The “Perfect Illusion” video is definitely a tamer version of our Mother Monster. I mean, she did give birth to a gooey substance on SNL once, so it doesn’t take much to tame her down. Still, Gaga premieres her first single on her new album Joanna in the hot desert. The whole music video has a Burning Man mixed with Coachella vibe. She’s seen shaking her perfect butt around in the desert with a simple ponytail and a mic. Outrageous or subdued, Gaga is hot as fuck. She looks incredible and whether she wants to or not, and this breakup is suiting her well. Joanne debutes on October 21st– hopefully none of us have to wait that long for the rest of her tracks.

[via E! Online]

Image via YouTube

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