Game Changer: You Can Now Have Grilled Cheese Delivered By Parachute

Grilled Cheese

On those nights when you’re absolutely starving and nothing’s open, what’s your greatest dream? It’s probably for fast, delicious, food delivery…but imagine if said delivery came by parachute. It would basically be like the movie “Up,” only with grilled cheese.

While alleys are sketchy meeting points in America, in Melbourne they’re something magical. Sure, there’s always delivery, but wouldn’t you prefer the excitement of having your midnight snack flown in, just for you? Everyone knows that if there’s one thing sorority girls love, it’s exclusivity (and emotionally unavailable dudes).

Jafflechutes is a Melbourne pop-up restaurant that flies grilled cheese to your mouth, via parachute. Jaffle is Australian slang for grilled cheese, and it’s also a word you need to add to your lexicon immediately.

Here’s how it works. You drop dollars ahead of time using PayPal, and then X marks the spot. You await your deliciously gooey grilled cheese on the X in a mysterious locale discovered via social media (most likely an alleyway), until it’s time. Then, your goodies fall from heaven, like a dream you had while drunk. If you’re not planning a getaway to Australia in the near future (although you should, because accents and surfing and kangaroos), never fear. Jafflechutes recently completed a succesful crowdfunding campaign to bring their sammies stateside.

Grilled cheese drone delivery is a game changer for drunk girls everywhere craving a midnight snack sent from heaven. While I’ve never enjoyed activities where balls fly at my nose, tasty grilled cheese hurled towards my mouth is something else entirely. I can’t wait for Jafflechutes to make it rain. I may not be good at catching (#sports), but I am looking to open my own jaffle franchise, so I’ll be at the X, anxiously awaiting its delivery.

[via Consumerist]

Image via Closet Cooking

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