Girl Finds Her Nearly Identical Twin In A Bathroom At A Bar

When you go out drinking, you usually have a general idea of how your night will go. It’ll start with a few mixed drinks at the pregame, flirting your way into a couple shots at the bar, a quick sob with your friends in the bathroom, and then ending your night with the greasiest food you can find before hopping in an Uber. And repeat every weekend for eternity.

That’s basically how every “girls’ night out” goes, unless you’re Ciara Murphy or Cordelia Roberts. Both of the girls were studying abroad in Germany while having their very Parent Trap-esque moment. Cordelia, who’s from the UK, and Ciara, who’s from Ireland, have no relation whatsoever, but could seriously pass as identical twins.

One night while they were out, after continually being asked if the two were sisters or twins, they did what any of us would do. They went to the bathroom and took some selfies.

Show me the birth certificates.

The two were then contacted by the company Twin Strangers, who made this video showing just how much the two look alike. It’s freaky. Twin Strangers claims that there are seven people in the world who look exactly like you.

Twin Strangers on a student exchange!

Two complete strangers Ciara and Cordelia went on a year long study abroad scheme. After many people pointed out their similarities they took a photo and the result was amazing!Check out a video we made of the pair, it's pretty uncanny!

Posted by Twin Strangers on Friday, October 23, 2015

You never know, yours could be in the bar bathroom during your next drunken cry.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Twitter

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