Girl Goes Around Telling High School Kids They’re Beautiful And The Reactions Will Absolutely Give You Chills


In the world of Photoshop, Instagram, #FitnessGoals, and the internet, it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Sure, some days your hair is looking great, and maybe you finally squeeze into the jeans you never thought you’d wear again. But beautiful? A lot of us don’t feel that way most of the time.

Shea Glover, a writer and filmmaker from Chicago decided to change that. She chose to do an independent project (that turned into a social experiment) about beauty. It was first released online in May, but it has recently started getting a lot of attention for the amazing reactions it’s instilling in people.

Basically, Shea went around her high school, a performing arts school in Chicago, and told her peers that they were beautiful. That’s it. Simple right? But just imagine going back a few years to that hard, awkward, confusing time. Maybe you’re having a great day, or maybe you’ve never felt worse. And then this random girl pulls you aside and asks you to be a part of her project. You agree, because let’s be real — it would be awkward to say no. And then, as you’re looking into the soulless eye of the camera, this stranger says:

“You’re beautiful.”

In the description on Youtube Shea explains that, “my intentions were not to get a reaction out of people. I was simply filming beauty and this is the result.” And that result? It will 100 percent floor you. In this moving, passionate, raw video, you’ll see just how beautiful it can be to tell someone they’re beautiful.

Warning: 10/10 will cry.

Be nice to each other. Compliment each other. You never know how much someone might need it. Now hand me some tissues.

[via Youtube / Shea Glover]

Image via Youtube / Shea Glover

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