Girl Matches Her Fresh Hickey With Kylie Lip Kit Color “Love Bite”

What’s the purpose of wearing lipstick if you aren’t trying to get boys to wipe it off with their own mouths?

It seems like Kylie’s new lip kits may have some hidden agendas, as one lipstick lover, Ashley Sardella, posted a hilarious picture, or “swatch,” of Kylie’s shade “Love Bite” perfectly matching a fresh, lust-driven hickey.

Seems like Kylie knew what she was doing when she named this deep purple shade “Love Bite.” Maybe she had many hickeys throughout her lifetime and thought, “You know, I really love the shade of purple my neck gets when someone sucks it so hard I get blood clots. Let’s make it a lipstick shade.”

Kylie fanatics know that she always does a segment in her app where she matches her lip kit shades to real life objects, looks like hickeys are next on the list of comparisons.

King Kylie herself rewarded Ashley for being a brave soul and showing her new hickey to the world by retweeting the picture of the comparison.

I guess if you are going to go through the embarrassment of having a huge hickey, you might as well tweet it for the world to see and get attention from the one and only lip queen, Kylie Jenner. Every lip lover’s dream.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via YouTube

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