Totally Sane Girlfriend Fakes Her Own Kidnapping To Make Sure Her Boyfriend Really Loves Her

girlfriend fakes kidnapping

Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend really loves you? I mean, sure, he says he loves you, and he bought you a bouquet of your favorite flowers on Valentine’s Day, but would he rescue you in an emergency? Put his life on the line for yours? Sacrifice everything to keep you safe? These are things we all wonder, but 22-year-old Janet Brooks decided to find out the answer for herself when she faked her own kidnapping.

To test her boyfriend’s undying love for her, Janet staged her own kidnapping. According to Janet, she was forcibly kidnapped in the parking lot of an apartment complex when the armed man forced her into his car trunk and eventually abandoned her at a dog park. While this story would provide a great background for an HBO mini-series, Janet just so happened to forget one minor detail when concocting her story: security cameras. When police went to investigate Janet’s kidnapping, they found that not only was there no kidnapper involved, but Janet walked out of her apartment complex calmly and alone

You may be thinking this sounds a little extreme, but honestly, how else was Janet supposed to know how her boyfriend would respond in a life-threatening situation? Obviously, he would say that he would care, but when it comes down to it, you never know how he’ll respond until the situation arises. As an intelligent young woman, Janet knew her chances of actually getting kidnapped were pretty slim, so she managed to find a way to test him, all while keeping herself safe. Now, let’s just hope the story worked and that Janet’s boyfriend is filled with enough newfound love for his girlfriend to pay her $2,000 bond for lying to police officers.

[via Daily Commercial]

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