Gorgeous Texas Tech Coach Flirts As Recruitment Technique

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They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but every girl knows it’s all about charming the momma bear. Getting the mom to love you is a one shot deal. It’s a proven fact that the correlation between a man saying “I want you to meet my mom” and a woman getting instant nausea is very strong, but through all the torture and anxiety, reaping the benefits is totally worth it. Impressing his mom means that you undoubtedly have the “in” AND she’ll be on your side for (almost) every argument you and your boy have. The mom power really works.

Kliff Kingsbury knows all about the power moms have over their sons. Heck, the Texas Tech Head Coach probably learned it from firsthand experience. Just look at him, his mom was probably the most popular woman at every one of his high school football games. She was probably swamped with teenage girls sucking up to her, trying to get on her good side, so her son would obviously fall in love with them.

“Hi Mrs. Kingsbury, I just wanted to say that your son is playing SO well tonight! You really raised him right!”

“Mrs. Kingsbury! How are you? Did you get a new haircut, it looks sooooooo good!”

“Hi Miss Sally, I made you and your family some cupcakes! Chocolate with vanilla frosting. Kliff told me they’re your favorite!”

Regardless of whether or not this actually happened (it totally did), the Ryan Gosling look-a-like admitted on “The Dan LeBatard Show” that he not only gets hit on by the moms of his recruits, but encourages it and flirts back!

Sure, Texas Tech is one of the top football programs in the country and received high marks in the U.S News and World Report 2014 college and graduate school rankings, but we all know why mothers want their sons to go to Texas Tech.

Oh, yeah. Say it with me: eye candy.

It’s genius, really. It beats Georgia’s personalized portraits and blows Virginia’s one-word note way out of the water. Who cares about stupid notes or pictures of your son when you can have a picture of Ryan Gosling –er Kliff Kingsbury– with a personalized note from him?! Maybe your son will even be in the photos, but lets be honest, he’s not the focal point of that picture.

Kliff Kingsbury, you sly, beautiful dog, you. And ladies, if this doesn’t prove “The Mom Power” I don’t know what will. In the meantime: Go Red Raiders.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

Image via Hollywood Reporter

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