Guy Hilariously Documents All Of The Reasons His Wife Cries And It Is Beyond Accurate


Some girls are boss ass bitches. They can terrify you with one look. The made boys cower and other bitches back off. They’ve made grown men cry and they kick ass while simultaneously taking names.

And then, there are girls like me.

You know, the types who get emotional thanks to holiday commercials. The ones who sob like babies when they see a video of puppies. The grown ass women who can’t get through a week without crying in their cars. We try and we try to stop it, but we just can’t help it.

And one guy, who’s wife just so happened to be in the emotional second group, found this really, really funny. So funny, in fact, that he decided to document each and every time his wife cried and posted it to the internet. Because that’s the world we live in.

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So…yeah. It’s pretty freaking spot on. I mean, swans being gay? Ugh. Tears. And literally any video about a dog is pretty much a guaranteed sob-fest. But it wasn’t just the Imgur post that was so embarrassingly accurate. It was the reactions. Like literally anything somewhat funny or relevant on the internet, this shit blew up. And the comments?

• “Please continue this. This is just like my girlfriend. She almost cried when she went to the zoo and a seal came up to the glass.”

• “I showed my gf a video of a cat and then tears started streaming down her face. She wants a kitty so bad. Can relate to this.”

• “Does she cry after an orgasm? Bonus Points: Yours or hers?”

• “…is she pregnant?”

But like, in her defense? We’ve all had a good cry when the fluffy bunny escaped from the arctic fox. You say emotionally unstable, I say, well, nothing because I’m probably crying over the fact that you called me emotionally unstable. Cheers to all of the absolutely pointless tears. It’s not our fault we have so many feelings.

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