Guys, Stop Saying I’m Prettier Without Makeup

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I recently received a Facebook notification that informing me that a friend had mentioned me in a comment. I was brought to a video of a man going on a rant about how his girlfriend is beautiful without makeup, and how girls should stop putting as much time and effort into beautifying ourselves because we are naturally beautiful. Although this guy had a wonderful message that I so badly wanted to believe in, I couldn’t help but call bullshit. Instead of feeling uplifted, I was angry.

A guy that I had drunkenly made out with at a concert recently called me out via text for not replying to his late night Snapchat. I explained to him that I was in bed and had already taken off my makeup, so there was no way that I was sending a snap back. Not even the butterfly filter could help me out at this point. He responded to me saying that “makeup doesn’t mean anything.” Cue eye roll. I explained that it did, in fact, mean a lot and that he wouldn’t have been interested in me in the first place if I hadn’t been wearing makeup. He agreed, and although I was slightly offended, I couldn’t say anything because he was being honest.

Guys always claim to love a makeup-less, natural girl, but that is the biggest lie in the world. Guys might love a girl who wears minimal, natural-looking makeup as opposed to a caked-on look, but they definitely are not digging girls with under eye bags and acne covered skin. This isn’t to say that at the end of the day when you take your makeup off, he won’t still think you’re beautiful. However, I’m pretty sure he didn’t approach you at the bar because he thought your oily skin and tired eyes made you look sexy.

I personally look like a literal troll without makeup. I won’t go out in public without at least applying my face makeup and mascara, because I don’t want to scare the general public with my horrifying, makeup-less face. I don’t care what anyone says, a large, red pimple sitting on your chin is not cute. A makeup-less me out on the town would not score me a one way ticket to pound town for the night. Wearing a bit of foundation and mascara can do wonders for any girl, and if you disagree with me, then you are wrong. Sorry not sorry.

With this being said, I believe in the concept of being comfortable in your own skin. But if being comfortable means wearing layers of makeup, a girl should be able to do so without being ridiculed. If you don’t love your FUPA, start going to the gym and lay off the pizza. If you aren’t comfortable with your boobs, get a boob job. If you aren’t happy with your hair, get a cut and color. Wearing makeup should be no different. If you are comfortable without makeup, by all means, go natural. But men, stop criticizing girls for layering on their makeup, because it makes us look hot and you know it.

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