Guys Tell All: How Long Should You Wait To Sleep With A Guy

Guys Tell All

It seems like our whole world revolves around sex, which if you think about it, is really weird. You don’t keep track or put that much thought into literally anything else in your life. There are a million different “numbers” that apply to you — your age, your weight, your graduation year, the age you got your first period, number of friends, the place you got in your second grade spelling bee — the list goes on. But when someone asks for “your number,” you unequivocally think of your body count. How many men you have under your belt. And it’s weird.

You don’t count how many girls you’ve gone to lunch with or how many teachers you went to study hours with. Yet this thing that’s essential to the survival of the human race, and one of the most innate experiences in the human condition must be tracked. Makes no fucking sense.

Further, sex is a game, and we can’t play our hand too soon, or guys are turned off by it — because it implies you do this with everyone, and some primal instinct tells them that if you’ve been penetrated by too many other guys, somehow that devalues them and their penis. On the flip side, though, you can’t wait too long and have him think you’re not interested. Ever fuck one of your friends? It doesn’t always work out.

So what’s the magic amount of time. How long are we supposed to wait to seal the deal to ensure guys respect us, but without letting them lose interest. I asked a few dudes this very question. Their answers are below.

Probably just steer clear of sleeping with me on the first night if you want to be held in a high regard moving forward. If you’ve done it with me, you’ve done it with way too many other guys for me to want to lock you down.

-Will deFries

I don’t care. If I like you I like you and will continue to contact accordingly.

-Rob Fox

Two weeks? I don’t know. Two weeks sounds like a reasonable amount of time if you actually want to get a real relationship out of it. Otherwise, a few hours is cool.

-Ross Bolen

As long as there’s some sort of chase, this is completely subjective. Throwing yourself at someone doesn’t work and seems desperate.

-Jake Goldman

Honestly doesn’t matter to me, personally. I’ve dated girls I’ve slept with on the first night, and girls that made me wait a few weeks. I don’t give a shit about your number either. But I think I’m an anomaly.

-Dan Regester

For her benefit? Forever.

-Jared Borislow

So the verdict? It doesn’t really matter much for most guys, which is generally how I live my life. It’s not really about how long you wait, just about how much they like you. If they like you, they’ll call you again after the first night. If they don’t, you won’t hear from them again even if you wait three months.

But…consider waiting a week or two, just to be safe. Or sleep with everyone the first night to weed out the guys who have a double standard. Up to you.

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