“Bun Dropping” Is The New Dumb Hair Trend That’ll Make You Want To Pull Out Your Own Hair

bun dropping

I hate hair trends. I’m just going to start with that. Once upon a time there were blondes, brunettes, and redheads and we were doing just fine. Sometimes the blondes would get dumped and turn brunette and sometimes the brunettes would want to feel *more fun* and go blonde. Hell, sometimes we’d even go red because what else is there to lose?

But then the internet happened and suddenly dyeing your hair like a watermelon or throwing glitter on your roots was “cool.” It’s not. But that’s what people were saying. And now, in yet another baffling example of how the internet has gone too far, I give you: bun dropping.

Yes. This trend is literally just taking your hair out of a bun. When I first saw this, I didn’t understand. Is it something about how they’ve constructed the bun? Or wait. No. Their hair must be set in a style after the bun comes out, like those old “Wrap Snap and Go” things we used to put in our hair. But no. None of that happened. Instead, I just watched a whole bunch of girls take their hair out of their buns in slow motion because this is what’s trendy now. Don’t worry, I hate us too.

Here’s a quick look at what we’re dealing with.

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And now, hold onto your brain cells — here are a shitton of bun drops.

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It’s really, really dumb. But also, I might love it? So, naturally, I had to try it because maybe now, finally, I’ll get that Instagram modeling contract.

When Trying To Be Trendy Fails: A Realistic #bundrop Story.

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Never have I ever hated my baby-fine, non-shampoo commercial worthy hair more.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]

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