So “Harry Potter” Is Coming Out With A Makeup Palette And It’s Tearing TSM Apart

Harry Potter makeup

In general, working at TSM is a pleasant experience. We’re all pretty good friends here and surprisingly there’s never really any drama between us. That is, until today.

Today we came across this mock up of a Harry Potter makeup palette on Imgur. No, it doesn’t exist yet but dear God, it should.

Resident makeup lover Cristina and resident Harry Potter lover Rachel Varina both felt strongly that they should be the ones to write about it. Fighting ensued and the two debated over who would get to cover this news and lucky for you, we put it all on Snapchat. Add totalsratmove on Snapchat to see how it all went down.

Things got ugly, and even after everyone cast their votes, the results were pretty close to 50/50. Plus, a decent amount of people said they wanted both writers to give their perspectives.

So, because we’re people pleasers and also because we didn’t want them to get into an actual duel in the office, we decided that they would both write the piece. You’ll get both the makeup guru and the Harry Potter nerd’s (jk jk) take on the makeup palette of our dreams: The “Harry Potter” palette.


Gryffindor makeup

Cristina: That. Gold. Is. Everything. This palette doesn’t actually exist in real life, but if it did, I would buy this one just for that color alone. Daring is the perfect highlight/inner corner and courage and nerve would be perfect transition shades. I love that this palette is somewhat neutral and then chivalry and fire add a pop of color and are basically a match made in heaven. It would kill me to ruin that beautiful embossed lion but TBH that would be the eyeshadow I use most.

Rachel: Okay, so yeah the makeup stuff is cool. I mean, you can put that gold shit on your eyes or whatever and you’ll basically be an Instagram model. But let’s talk about the colors and their ~meanings.~ Obvi the Gryffindor’s would have fire colors (I mean, come on. It’s fucking Gryffindor). And yeah, it’s enviable for all of the other houses. That gold lion? Come on. We’d all love to have that. Still, I imagine to put red on your GD eyelids you’d have to be pretty daring and courageous. Just because everyone isn’t brave enough for it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Can’t you just picture Emma Watson rockin’ this shit at the Yule Ball?


Slytherin makeup

Cristina: If this isn’t your favorite color combination, don’t talk to me. All I know about Slytherin is that it’s the bad house, but this palette makes me want to learn that snake language and death curse the closest nerd. I can just see cunning all over the lid with creative in the crease and resourceful in the outer V and then greatness smudged all over the lower lashline. I don’t know much about “Harry Potter,” but I know way too much about makeup and I know this palette is fire.

Rachel: Okay Slytherin. We get it. You want to be the best. You want to be great. You don’t care what it takes to get there. And look at this. Even me, the person who knows zero things about makeup or brushes or painting you face or whatever, wants to get my muggle hands on that cunning color. There’s a reason this house is hated. Not just because like yeah, all evil wizards come from there, but their makeup game puts all of the other houses to shame. Still, it’s not all about looks, right? Right? RIGHT?!


Hufflepuff harry potter makeup

Cristina: I actually had to ask Rachel which house this is and when she said Hufflepuff I was like, “of course this is the worst one.” It’s not that this palette is ugly, it’s just not as good as the other ones, which is apparently a total Hufflepuff move. It’s pretty, and trust is a cool color, but it’s not something I’m dying over. I wouldn’t wear it every day, and ethic looks like a cheap knock-off version of ambition in the Slytherin palette (AKA the best palette). Hufflepuff sucks, case closed.

Rachel: The world has become very pro-badgers. J.K. Rowling loves them, hot-guy Cedric Diggory was one, and everyone is all of a sudden proud to be a part of the Hufflepuff-puff-pass house. Still, according to the books, this house is for the “all the rest.” And looking at these colors, I kind of see it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, these colors and very nice and pleasant. But they’re not that great. They’d fit into another pallet if there was a place for them, but alas they found a home amongst each other.


Ravenclaw makeup Harry Potter

Cristina: First of all, Rachel, it’s palette, not pallet. Pallet is defined as a “crude, makeshift bed” which is not at all the same as a makeup palette, but whatever, moving on. This PALETTE is stunning. It’s also the only palette where the animal embossed is a different color and not just any color, but rose fucking gold. You can mix it with the blue or apply it to the inner corner on its own, but either way, it’s beautiful. Also, I need bronze all over my lid right this minute. Wait, or maybe wit all over my lid? I honestly can’t decide. I just need this palette in my life.

Rachel: As a Ravenclaw I have to say, this is the perfect palette for me. First of all, it’s fucking beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I wouldn’t even wear it. I’d buy it, stare at it, then get distracted and forget it exits. And then when I did remember I just wouldn’t wear it because I’m too lazy and forgetful and spend my time reading books and daydreaming and not looking pretty. It’s a shame because peep that wisdom color. I guess if I have to choose though, I’d rather have the trait than wear it.

So whether you love beauty, “Harry Potter,” or both, I think we can all agree: this palette needs to actually happen.

[via Imgur, h/t Bustle]

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