Harvard Student Posts Craigslist Ad Offering $170,000 To Anyone Who Will Take His Classes For Him

I have always been a fan of having people do shit for me. Integrity? Who needs it. I got through 4 years of advanced math classes in high school by copying homework and having people detail exam questions to me before I took tests. I wanted to go into psychology, early childhood education, and/or fratblogging. I knew I’d never need calculus. I continued the trend in college. I fully utilized the “sign me into class/study hours/volunteer hours/everything that doesn’t involve alcohol” tactic throughout my collegiate tenure. Why take my own notes when my friend’s were just as good, and Pinterest was much more fun? Why write my own paper, when this perfectly good paper was already written? (Omg. Kidding. As a writer, I need to emphasize that I have never plagiarized. But you get the point.) Work smarter, not harder.

It’s the basis of fraternities, and even of the work force. Why do the work when you can get a pledge/intern/your little sister to do it for you? Well, one Harvard student wanted to take it just a step, leap, and levitation across an ocean further with the CRAIGSLIST ad he recently put out. Dude is offering $40,000 per year, plus a $10,000 bonus upon graduation to any person willing to DO COLLEGE for him, all expenses paid. Literally, he wants them to go to college, take his classes, do his homework, and pass his exams. The only stipulations are that the applicant be male, and that the applicant have a 4.0 high school GPA or a 3.5+ college GPA.

Here’s his ad, per The Huffington Post (click to enlarge):

Craigslist Harvard

I’ve got to say, this is genius — deceptive, deviant, and immoral, but genius. As HuffPo notes, they’ve not reached the ad’s poster, so whether or not this is the real deal has yet to be confirmed, but it’s absolutely fascinating either way.

[via The Huffington Post]

Image via Empower Magazine


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