Having A Gay Wedding? Well Kesha Will Officiate It For You

Kesha Gay Wedding

She may have dropped the $ from her name and no longer market herself as the pee-drinking-whirlwind we once stared at with our jaws on the floor, but Kesha has a new thing to add to her probably slightly sticky and very glittery resume: Gay Wedding Officiant.

Yesterday the pop-star posted an Instagram of her officiating the wedding between her hairstylist and his now husband. She captioned it with some very appropriate ring and heart emojis, as well a well-placed Beatles lyric. Atta girl with that ‘Gram-Game, Kesha.

#VxF all u need is love

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Kesha has always been very pro-rainbow as a self-identifying bisexual. She also oversaw a lesbian wedding back in 2012, and famously sent out her backup dancers to flip the tables on the Westbro Baptist Church when they protested her concert by parodying her song, “We R Who We R.” The video went viral and solidified Kesha’s queen of the queens status.

I for one am an unapologetic fan of Miss Kesha Rose. She’s an undeniably great songwriter, seems to be doing better post-rehab, and frankly I’m down for anyone who glitter bombs an arena tour. Maybe she’ll glitter bomb the next couple she marries after they say, “I do.” And then they can exit to “Your Love Is My Drug.”

Yep. Needs to happen.

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