Here Are The Perfect Wine Parings For All Of Your Halloween Candy


Halloween is, without a doubt, the most magical time of the year. I know I know, Christmas (or Hanukkah, whichever) is great, and New Years is full of possibilities. But Halloween? Halloween lets us do everything we love. Dress up like a queen (a slutty queen, but still), hook up with anything that moves, and get drunkity-drunk-drunk. But, no matter how old we get or how many times we reuse our tutus from our old dance recitals, we can’t forget the true meaning of Halloween:


And while we’re no longer getting it door to door, we’re still chowing down on it when we come back from whatever frat party, drunk and hangry. So, our friends at Vivino decided to come up with the perfect wine parings for our Halloween favorites. Because lets be real, theres a 50/50 chance that you’ll cancel plans to stay in, get wine drunk, and watch “Hocus Pocus.” No judgement.

Wine and candyImage via Vivino

You’re welcome.

[via Vivino]

Image via Vivino

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