Here’s Blake Lively Talking About Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Her Perfect Life

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Blake Lively is the ultimate cool girl, and not just because she played Serena Vanderwoodsen in “Gossip Girl.” She’s literally perfect. She has the perfect husband, a perfect daughter, and her Instagram game is lowkey fire. Oh, and she bakes. Like, for fun. All of this combined with the fact that she’s grounded and not a diva celebrity makes me love/hate her. But mostly love.

Blake Lively recently sat down with Buzzfeed to promote her new movie, “The Shallows,” and dish out some secrets you’ve been dying to know the answers to, like how she keeps her hair so fucking flawless and which character she’s played that she relates to the most. Check out the answers in the video below.

She’s literally too perfect for words.

[via Buzzfeed]

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