Here’s Everything You Need To Know About JoJo’s TWO Engagement Rings

Jojos rings

Just being honest, everyone knew Jordan was the one for JoJo before the first show even aired. Whether you heard the spoilers or took a wild guess because he is Aaron Rodgers’ brother, JoJo and JorJor were a match made in late night television heaven. Once that first impression rose was handed out, the rest of the season was basically set in stone. You know what they say, first comes the rose, then comes the fantasy suite, then comes a former “pro-athlete” with an engagement ring. And, in this case, it was two of them.

First up was Robby, the professional swimmer turned sales guy. Her parents obviously liked him more, which had to be super awkward for J&J to watch last night. Another thing her family probably would have liked more was the ring he chose. It was a diamond-encrusted band topped with a halo center diamond flanked by tapered baguettes.

And here's what The Bachelorette Jojo @joelle_fletcher said "no" to 💍💍💍 Which ring would you have preferred?

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Then, we had Jordan, the professional football player turned retired football player. He didn’t even have the balls to ask JoJo’s dad for her hand in marriage during the only chance he had to meet him in person. Seriously, you chose him? All shade aside, the ring is definitely still gorgeous. It was a more classic, oval-shaped diamond set on a double row diamond band.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on either of these Neil Lane rings, you’re either going to have to enter the show and pray for the best or start dating a current professional athlete because DAYUM, are they expensive. After all, Ben’s ring for Lauren was supposedly worth $100k.

I’m sure she’s happy with her choice, but I still haven’t seen that ring posted on the ‘gram. Just saying. If only she would have chosen Luke like America wanted.

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