Here’s How Much Celebrities Make For Those Lame Social Media Promotions

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If you asked me which celeb could pull the most cash for sponsored social media posts, I definitely would have named a Kardash-Jenner sister. Kendall, Kylie or maybe even Kim. Hell, even Scott has been known to promote (and then totally mess up) a handful of products, so you know that they’re making bank from these posts.

But I would have been wrong in guessing them — and the person who gets the most cash per post may surprise you.

According to a new ranking of social media influencers by measurement company D’Marie Analytics, Selena Gomez comes in first, even ahead of her best friend T-Swift, who came in sixth. Meaning that when the former Disney star posts about a product to her 180.6 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, she could be getting a casual $550,000 for her trouble.

According to Cosmopolitan, CEO of D’Marie Group Frank Spadafora told AdWeek how they arrived at such a high figure for Ms. Gomez’s posts:

The rate-per-post is her “ad equivalent” value per post across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This may be different than how much she is actually getting paid when participating in social media campaigns. That is up to negotiations between her agents and the brands. This valuation is based on D’Marie’s algorithm which measures 56 metrics including followers, post frequency, engagement, quality of post, click-thru and potential to create sales conversions from her social content.

He also noted that Selena rarely makes sponsored posts, which may be why she gets so much for them. Prooving that sometimes less is more and being a celebrity would be really, really sweet. Brb, hating my own Instagram.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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