Here’s How To Be Named The Top Sorority In The Country


Despite what Yik Yak or Greek Rank would like to tell you, there really is no definitive way to rank one specific chapter “top house.” While everyone may think that their house is the best house, there’s no definitive “best.”

Well, here’s your chance for top house bragging rights. And not just out of your university, but out of the whole country. Oh yeah, and $5,000. Know all this cute not-so-candid candids, “throw what you knows,” and recruitment photos that literally make up your entire Instagram profile? Yes? Perfect. That’s all you need to snatch take the number one spot.

Upload your best photos or videos (philanthropy events, house pics, formal, etc.) using the Yeti app, and then keep your thumb steady on that “like” button. You have the entire month of October to enter as many photos as you possibly can — including your sorority and university in the caption — to grab the title along with some pretty cool prizes.

How to win: Have the highest number of quality posts, as well as the most likes on your chapter’s photos and videos.

1st place: $5,000 for your philanthropy, a featured article about your chapter, the title “TSM’s Official Sorority Of 2015”, and free TSM and Yeti merch.

If you don’t win first place, no worries, you’re still #winning. Even tenth place gets a prize!

2nd-10th place: $500 for your philanthropy, and TSM recognition as one of the top 10 sororities nationwide.


This may be the only time your Instagram photography skills can go towards a good cause, now is your time.

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