Here’s The Reason Hot People End Up With Ugly People

fried zone

Most of us know how hot we are. It sounds bad, and we could get into the ~everyone is beautiful~ bullshit, but it’s the truth some people are just way, way hotter than other people. And usually, those really hot people end up with other really hot people, thus creating even hotter babies and making us all look like walking, land-living sea cows. Every now and again, however, you’ll see an attractive god of a human with a mere mortal. “How did that happen,” you whisper rudely to your friends as this mismatched pair walks by, obviously in love.

Well my friends, according to Psychological Science, the reason is none other than the ever popular friend zone.

You see, for the most part, we date within our attractiveness level. Don’t hate on me, it’s just biology. We do this subconsciously so the chances of our partner leaving us for someone more attractive goes down. A little morbid, but it makes sense. So why do total 10s end up with lowly 5s? The University of Texas at Austin and Northwestern University did some digging as to why uggos end up with hotties, and it all comes down to how long the couple was friends before hand.

They put over 250 heterosexual couples under the sex microscope, and asked, “how long each pair had known each other and whether they enjoyed a platonic relationship before they began dating.”

And the verdict? The people who hung out platonically for longer beforehand were more likely to have differences in attractiveness. But the people who dated quicker without friendship were more likely on the same “level.”

So this means two things for us. First, whoever you’re friend zoning right now will probably be your husband. Like, that’s just a fact, so chose him wisely. And second, if you want to end up with a guy wayyyyyy out of your league, become friends with him first. Talk sports, drink beer, listen to his girl drama and just wait until the day that he realizes he’s in love with your not-as-attractive-as-him self. If you’re going to snag a guy, might as well snag a 10.

[via Esquire]

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