Hero Girl Takes Butt Selfies In Public, Probably For The Lighting

We live in a strange world today, it’s a fact. So strange, that the once bizarre is now considered pretty normal. Case in point. A woman recently dropped trou in relative public, just to take a few well-lit belfies. It’s uncertain whether this was a sexting emergency or a selfie emergency. For all we know, she could have had Zac Efron on the phone asking for nudes, in which case, I think we’d all do the same.

TBH, I applaud this girl for giving zero fucks and doing her own thing. She clearly has a level of comfort with and confidence in her body that plenty of us lack. You go girl. Do your own thing, love yourself, and don’t be the asshole who takes videos of a girl just trying to get her angles right, damn. And boys, always thank a girl for the nudes, because you never know what lengths she went to to get them just right for you.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Shutterstock

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