High School Bans Cheerleaders’ Uniforms

Get your mind out of the gutter, they’re not doing anything sans clothing.

Countryside High School in Clearwater, Florida has recently upped the ante on its dress code and has ruled their own cheerleading teams’ uniforms are too risque to wear in school, because there’s nothing high school administrators love more than preventing high school girls from looking slutty and living their lives. Fucking communists.

Currently, the cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school on game days, a custom in which I’m pretty sure every high school in the country partakes. Due to current dress code restrictions, the cheerleaders will no longer be able to wear their uniforms in class, because the skirts and tops show both bare arms and “too much thigh” (that’s not a thing when you’re in high school, by the way. Not a thing). While I’m sure everyone is outraged, Jeana Fraser, a sophomore at Countryside, and her mother, have taken a MAJOR FUCKING ISSUE with this new ordinance.


“I love putting it on. All the cheerleaders do,” Fraser told the local news team that covered the story. Of course you love putting it on, Jeana. As a former high school and college cheerleader, and a current, lifelong attention whore, I can attest that nothing screams “Look at me!” more than wearing a polyester skirt in your school colors that barely skims your ass. It’s exhilarating, really, and provides a rush that is second only to sending snapchats of your boobs to a boy.

Jeana and her mother were so distressed by the new dress code standards that they reached out to local media, hoping to garner enough attention to force Countryside High School into getting their shit together. Apparently, the school is looking to make, “modifications” to the uniforms that will make the skirts longer, which, unsurprisingly, Jeana and her mother are also NOT okay with.

I think this entire thing is fucking hilarious. The only thing high school girls want is to be the center of attention, and to look cute and fit in…all at once. Wearing any type of sports uniform automatically makes you part of a group, appearance wise, and wearing a cute little skirt and top scenario will certainly get some attention. I think it’s a bit unfair these poor, little high school sluts are having their slut game messed with by the educational higher-ups. Whichever angry female principal put this in place is a huge douchebag.

However, I think it’s hilarious that Jeana and her mom are so upset with the new rules. Unsurprisingly, Jeana’s dad was unavailable for comment, which leads me to believe Jeana has substantial daddy issues to further her need to wear a slutty uniform. I like her. Jeana, if you’re reading this, you look like you know how to have a good time. I’d bid you.

[via Yahoo]

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