High School Senior Takes His Great-Grandmother To Prom, Becomes Most Eligible Bachelor Of 2014

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Senior prom. Was there anything more exciting and stressful in our pre-twenties lives than that whole effed up situation? Between finding the perfect date, dress (no, you actually WON’T try Sears) and losing those last three pounds, it was the single most exciting night of our bitchy teenage lives.

Whether you had the best night of your life dancing with your future husband under the stars until you retreated to a five-star hotel room, both lost your virginities, and whispered promises of the future to each other (you bitch) or your date threw up on your dress and left you to go hook up with his ex-girlfriend (more realistically), it was a night to remember.

Delores Dennison, unfortunately, didn’t get that opportunity.

According to USA Today, the 89-year-old beauty never had the chance to attend her senior prom. In an act that makes all of our ovaries scream with sheer joy, her 19-year-old heartthrob of a great-grandson, Austin Dennison, invited her to be his date to the Parkway High School prom in Rockford, Ohio. After hearing what this knight in a 19-year-old body did, I’m basically ready to jet off to Ohio to beg him to be my next formal date. (Let’s ignore the fact that I’m graduating and no longer have formals. #dying)

Not only did he take his almost 90-year-old “Granny DD” to prom, giving up the night that basically ensures guys they will get laid, but he made sure she had the best night of her life. This 19-year-old guy should really start giving tips to men, because he’s got this whole “asking a girl to a formal event” thing down. As per our dream guy, he asked her out in the most adorable way possible. He serenaded her with the song “Iris” (A guy playing guitar. Cue swoon.) and then presented her with a gorgeous pearl necklace.


It only gets more heart-wrenchingly adorable from here. Before the big dance, Austin took Granny DD to her favorite restaurant (I kid you not, Bob Evans) before arriving at the ultimate right of teenage passage. While at the sacred dance, the band played the song that the lady of the hour’s husband used to sing to her, “Delores” by Mr. Sinatra. There was a standing ovation for her and her great-grandson upon taking the floor.

So, like, not only did she get serenaded, pearls, and a devilishly handsome date, but she had a spotlight dance with ALL the attention on her. I don’t know if I should be impressed or if I should hate her. After the whole prom gig, I have a feeling that Mr. Dennison will have no problem in college–he plans to attend Florida Gulf Coast University. He may have given up a night of getting laid, but this act of chivalry ensures him a college career full of sorority girls lining up to get a piece of this baseball player’s (Did I mention he plays baseball?) good looks, excessive talent, and gentlemanly swag.

P.S.: After some light social media stalking, I’m pretty sure he’s single. Good luck fighting off the ladies at FGCU, Austin. And hey, if you need a formal date in the future, I like pearls, too.

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