High School “Shames” Girls With Hilariously Offensive Graduation Dress Code


Earlier this year, there were a rash of stories that reported on sororities and recruitment dress codes. Despite the sometimes ill-advised harsh wording, we know that for the most part the guidelines are actually pretty reasonable. And hello? You can’t have girls looking like shit at recruitment. Let’s be honest, it kind of prepares us for life. You can’t expect to land your dream job or be taken seriously if you show up to an interview, function, or networking event looking like garbage. Unfortunately, to the outside world, these standards for appearance have given sororities a bad rep. For the longest time it seemed like we were the only ones under fire for it. Until now.

School officials at Biglerville High School in Pennsylvania recently sent out the following dress code for their upcoming graduation events.

Keeping it classy Biglerville High School. "We don't want to see your sausage rolls." "You can't put 10 pounds of mud…

Posted by Bri Burtop on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

For the most part, it’s a pretty reasonable document. If you don’t send one of these out, you’ll end up with some asshole guy showing up in a “legalize cocaine” shirt and all hell breaks loose. So it started out pretty normal for the gents. You know, nice pants, decent shirt, the usual. But then it got a little sassier…

PULL YOUR PANTS UP! Your underwear choices should be your own private choice and remain private. Besides, it is really a bad look to be walking around hanging on to your drawers to keep them from falling down.

Ok, I have to admit that gave me a giggle. Plus, no one is being directly insulted there, right? But then we move on to the ladies portion. Basically it just said wear nice pants and/or a skirt. BUT if you wear a skirt, don’t let it be too short, otherwise the audience might see your five for $26 pair of Victoria’s Secret panties. Whatever. That’s a fair statement. I mean, not flashing an entire auditorium of people that includes your parents, your grandparents, and your weird Aunt Annie is probably a good idea. But then shit gets weird…

Choose modest attire. No bellies showing, keep ‘the girls’ covered and supported, and make sure that nothing is so small that your bits and pieces are hanging out. Please remember as you select an outfit for the awards assembly that we don’t want to be looking at ‘sausage rolls’, as Mrs. Elliott calls them. As you get dressed remember that you can’t put 10 pounds of mud in a five-pound sack.

Let’s be honest, none of this is really bad advice – dressing appropriately for both your body and the occasion are good lessons to learn. But you know what else is a good lesson? Knowing how to word things in a way that gets the point across without sounding completely insulting (albeit kind of hilarious), which is clearly not a skill that the officials of Biglerville High School have mastered. Instead, they put out a statement that sounds like it was written by some people who have watched “Mean Girls” one too many times. I mean, is this Mrs. Elliott lady the teacher version of Regina George?

After the dress code was posted by a student on Facebook who found the policy both sexist and sizest, the school administration issued the following statement, according to Perez Hilton:

The document does not reflect the high standards of the Upper Adams School District, and the Administration will take appropriate action to address the issue. While we regret that the document contained some unfortunate word choices, we do respect all students and hope this does not distract from the dignity of the graduation ceremony and the accomplishments of our graduating class.

I wonder if they will ask everyone at the graduation ceremony to raise their hands if they have ever been personally victimized by Mrs. Elliott?

[via Perez Hilton, Facebook]

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