Holiday Gifts You Still Have Time To Order For Your Man, You Lazy Procrastinator


Are you a procrastinator wondering wtf to buy for the man in your life for Christmas? Same. Somehow we are only two weeks away from Christmas, and my shopping list is still as long as it was at the season’s start. Luckily, I’ve gone through and picked out some shit, that you still have time to get for your mans before Christmas, and I have absolutely no problem with you completely jacking my list.

Patagonia Quarter-Zip

Patagonia invented the quarter zip. I mean, they probably didn’t actually invent the quarter zip, but they made it relevant. The man in your life probably already has a fleece, but the “Better Weather” quarter zip is a more muted, wearable variety that works for multiple occasions. It’s the same comfort and brand he loves with a more neutral aesthetic for multiple occasions.

Rowdy Gentleman Sweatshirt

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE a good crewneck sweatshirt. It’s quite literally comfort meets fashion. I own about seven Rowdy Gentleman crewneck sweatshirts, and Man Outfitters is finally selling blanks. This is a great gift for anyone during the winter months. They’re SO comfortable and cute in every color.

Yeti Rope Hat

The whole point of owning Yeti products is telling people they’re Yeti. And, I mean, of course the fact that they’re the ultimate in coolers and are just state of the art in the game. A Yeti hat does nothing for keeping your beer cold, but it does make your man look cool. They flip over this ten times out of ten. Trust.

Smartwool Socks

I really don’t know why socks feel like a good Christmas gift but they do. In the cold weather months, a good pair of socks just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Smartwool socks are a good stocking stuffer for the guy(s) in your life, and look cute on you with an oversized sweatshirt. #Bonus

Sperry Boat Shoe

The Sperry boat shoe is a classic, and knowing how most young guys treat their things, it’s probably time for a new pair. Out with the smelly, in with the new.

Patagonia Backpack

I. Fucking. Love. This. Backpack. Men entirely underrate their need for nice accessories as part of their wardrobe, and for college students especially, that includes backpacks. A nice bag can go along way for completing his look and this one is a stylish choice from a brand he trusts.

Herschel Wallet

I’m just going to go ahead and mention that Herschel is the best men’s fashion Instagram account in the game, and it’s because they’ve got the products to back it up. The wallet is generally my favorite part of any man and this one is perfect. A nice, thin, cardholder has completely replaced the bulky wallets of yesteryear. This is cute, sleek, and perfect for later taking you out on dates with.

Man Outfitters has GUARANTEED SHIPPING BY CHRISTMAS when you order by Wednesday, December 13, so get tf to it.

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