HomeGoods’ New Sister Store Couldn’t Be More Instagram-Worthy

HomeGoods' New Sister Store Couldn't Be More Instagram-Worthy

There’s nothing quite like spending an entire day perusing Pinterest and designing your future dream house. You know, the one with the infinity pool, the white duvets, and the gallery walls filled with trendy art and pictures from all the adventures you haven’t yet gone on because you can’t even afford soup. Still, the sheer fact that we’re in crippling debt doesn’t stop us from heading to Target and Homegoods to max out our credit cards on things like accent chairs, exposed bulb lamps, and the most unnecessary amount of throw blankets.

And if you thought it was hard to have self-control when walking through those sacred halls, it’s about to get a hell of a lot harder. TJX, the company that owns stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods, just opened a new store called Homesense, and it. is. everything.

It’s similar to HomeGoods in the sense that it carries gorgeous things that make you wish you had married a very old guy when you were very young, but it’s different in the sense that it carries less pet and kid shit, more hardware and outdoor fixtures, is more high end, and is even more likely to make you want to sell your kidneys so you can get a cute chandelier for over your tiny dorm dining room table.

Naturally, everyone has been going crazy on Instagram, but really. Can you blame them?

Grand Opening of Homesense! congrats and great job to the whole team involved! @homesense_us

A post shared by Kathy Muehlberger (@kathy_dances) on

brb, buying everything #werkperks #discoverhomesense #sierratradingpost

A post shared by Sam🍍 (@sjgoodnow) on

#homesense #framingham #grandopening #mommyfieldtrip #shopping #sisterstoretohomegoods

A post shared by Julie Jones (@juliespaceneedle) on

All the decor!!! 😍 @homesense_us #homesense #homesensefinds #decor #homedecor #discoverhomesense

A post shared by Amanda Kelly Silberman (@ohboythirty) on

kitch-en: a place where memories are homemade and food is served with love ❤️⠀

A post shared by Leslie Haasch | Stress Baking (@stressbaking) on

Take a tour of the new #Bedford store with @bumptobaby_blog… #homestyle #homeinteriors #design #interiors

A post shared by Homesense (@myhomesense) on

I want to get married in that store. I want to live and give birth and die in that store. And while Homesense is only open in Framingham, Massachusetts as of now, more of them should be spreading across the country this fall. You know, just in time for us to spend all of the money we don’t have on cute pumpkins, unnecessary Halloween decorations, and throw pillows that say “Boo” and “Witches only.” Now, if we could just have a cup of wine while we’re shopping and a DILF to pay for everything, life would officially be perfect. Get back to us on that, TJX.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Instagram / @samanthamatt1

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