Hot Guys Are Now Braiding Their Hair And We Absolutely Hate This Trend

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I think it’s safe to say the man bun is on it’s way out. It was good while it lasted, but honestly, I’m getting a little tired of a guy asking to borrow my hair tie and using all of my conditioner.

With the man bun out, a new trend in men’s hair has come to take its place, and it’s even worse than the man bun. Guys are now braiding their hair. I’m serious. French braiding, regular braiding, side braiding, they’re doing it all. And by “they,” I mean hot guys on Instagram who can kind of pull it off, but just like the man bun, trends like this seem to have a trickle down effect. Before long, that hipster guy who hits on you at Starbucks will be sporting this style.

Here’s what the man braid looks like:

A photo posted by GZONE MAGAZINE (@gzonemag) on

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A photo posted by MdeMulher (@mdemulher) on

A photo posted by Patrick Thomase (@pthomase) on

While some of these guys look downright sexy with their hair braided, I just can’t get over the idea of a guy braiding his own hair. It’s like seeing a cat walk on it’s hind legs; it’s just weird.

That being said, I would hold hands with that last guy SO hard.

[via Buzzfeed]

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