Hottest Sorority In The Country Is Accused Of Hazing — Jealous Girls Nationwide Rejoice

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Yesterday, we received an anonymous tip that the FSU Delta Gamma chapter — who just so happens to be the hottest sorority in the country, according to TFM — was being investigated for hazing. Intrigued, we Googled and Yahoo’d and sent out “Is DG at FSU hazing?” notes via carrier pigeons — and nothing came up. Yet throughout the afternoon, we continued to get these messages via the tip line. One right after the other, they rolled in, and every one had the same message: “DG at FSU is hazing! Get. Them. In. Trouble.”

So, we did some more research. We took to the search engines once again, and, finally, after key words and code words and I-don’t-know-what-else words, we stumbled upon the “evidence.” Message boards on College Leak served as the platform for users and tipsters to post their thoughts on Delta Gamma and upload personal and private Facebook posts and Instagram photos stolen from the girls of DG.

As we looked and scrolled and read with judgmental eyes, I couldn’t help but feel like I had time traveled back to the 1950s. The anonymous posts served as a haunting throwback to the days of Communist witch hunts and Joseph McCarthyism. Turning on your neighbors to save your own ass. That, Florida State Greek community, is exactly what you are doing — and, personally, I can’t get on board with that.

The DG instances of “hazing” are as follows:

  • A photo of a big and little (who has a 21+ bracelet on her wrist) with the caption “Hazing my little.” Poor taste? Maybe. Hazing? No.
  • A leaked post, presumably from DG’s private page, where a girl lets her frustration with her chapter’s lack of attendance at social events known. There were no threats, curse words, or mention of names.
  • A photo of a white powdery substance. Could it be cocaine? Maybe. But given the joking nature of the caption, I truly don’t think it was. The photo takes place on a kitchen counter and, in all honesty, appeared to be baking soda.

Maybe you didn’t ask for my opinion on this issue, but I’m going to give it to you. FSU sorority girls are jealous of DG — and this is their pathetic, disgusting, shameless attempt at bettering their own sorority’s reputation. For if DG gets kicked off campus, then everyone else moves up a position, maybe even a tier, right? Wrong.

When I was in college, my sorority was investigated for hazing allegations, thanks to the rival house tipping off our school administration. Rather than quietly and swiftly getting kicked off campus, as the sorority in question had hoped, a campus wide investigation was launched. My sorority lost our house, as did the two top fraternities on campus. Three other sororities and two other fraternities were put on social probation. The girls who started this mess had planned to simply get rid of us and reign supreme as the top sorority on campus. Instead, they lost friends, boys to mix with, and suffered tremendously the next recruitment. Despite still having a house, they had solidified their reputation as petty and immature. For nearly two years, most formals and socials were dry and every single chapter (regardless of whether or not they were in trouble) were merely puppets on a string for Nationals. It was awful.

So, ladies at FSU, read my lips: this is what will happen to you if you don’t stop being so horrible to one another. If actual hazing is occurring, that is one thing. But to stoop so low as to go through private photos and grasp at straws and make assumptions? That’s just pathetic. Pulling someone down does not make you rise taller. It doesn’t make you better. It makes you worse. It makes you small and sad and childish. It gives a bad name to your organization and it gives a bad name to the Greek organization as a whole. Stop being petty — you’re better than that.

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Catie Warren

From Rush To Rehab (@catie__warren) is a semi-fuctioning adult who has been celebrating her 21st birthday for the past three years. She attended college in the nation’s capital and to this day is angry that Pit Bull lied to her, as you cannot, in fact, party on The White House lawn. Prior to her success with TSM, Rehab was most famous for being featured in her hometown newspaper regarding her 5th grade Science Fair Project for which she did not place. In her spare time, she enjoys attributing famous historical quotes to Marilyn Monroe and getting in fights with thirteen year olds on twitter. Email:

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