How Do I Make A Sorority Paddle?


So you’ve got to make a paddle. Whether you’re a big, a little, or maybe just making one for fun (?), creating the art that is a paddle can be a pretty daunting task. Take a deep breath. Step back from that ledge, my friend. We’re going to get through this together.

Easy Ways To Make A Sorority Paddle

Technique One
Pay someone else to do it. If you’re truly handicapped in the craft department, just cut your losses this way. If you can’t wield a hot glue gun, and don’t know what Mod Podge is, don’t even try it. Or do. Just don’t come crying to me $50 and six hot glue gun burns later.

Supplies: Monies.
Directions: Most college towns with Greek life will have some sort of little shop that offers custom paddle services. If that isn’t the case, there’s usually someone crafty in your chapter (or another chapter) that would probably be willing to do yours for some cold hard cash.

matching pink delta zeta paddles

Technique Two
Junior high collage style. Remember when you were younger and cutting out clippings from magazines was practically a mandatory part of your week? Whip out your scissors, that’s how you’re going to make this paddle, just hold the Tiger Beat magazine.
Supplies: Pictures. Whether it’s pictures of the two of you, pictures of her favorite things, or maybe pictures of her significant other (like Drake), just have a lot of pictures. Mod Podge. Scrapbook paper. Scissors.
Directions: Making collages can be tough, because all of the pieces don’t fit together perfectly. To avoid awkward wooden bits poking out from blank spaces, start your paddle by Mod Podging with a scrapbook paper of your choice. You could also paint it a solid color. Once the paper is down and the Mod Podge or paint is dry, lay out your pictures until you find an arrangement that you like. Mod Podge them. Wait until dry. You could finish here, but to add some final touches go ahead and add some stickers or appliqu├ęs to add some more personalization.

Drake sorority paddle

Medium Level Ways To Make A Sorority Paddle

Technique All of the hot glue.
Supplies: Hot glue gun. Wooden letters. Paint. Various scrapbook stickers.
Directions: This is the more classic take on the sorority paddle. Although relatively simple, it take a lot of time and a steady hand. First get all of the painting out of the way. Paint your paddle and letters. Before you start hot gluing your pieces down, lay them out on your paddle until you find something that looks ~appealing~ to you. When hot gluing your pieces down, be very careful not to overdo it. A few dots on the back of each piece should do the trick. If you add a lot of glue, you risk it oozing every and looking sloppy. If you want to go the extra mile, a spray on glitter glue would add a little sparkle without getting glitter stuck all over you and your room for the remainder of time.

giant sigma kappa sorority paddle

Hard Ways To Make A Sorority Paddle

Pablo Picasso
Supplies: Paint. Paint brushes. Practically an art degree.
Directions: Although you can try and cheat not being artistic by tracing with tracing paper, it sure does help. If you do attempt to jump headfirst into painting, know you’re limits. You can probably get away with something simple, but duplicating a Lilly print? Not likely.

Lilly print sorority paddle

Painted sorority paddles

For more paddle inspo, follow our Pinterest board chalked full of ideas.

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