How To Become A Snapchat Sexting Goddess


It hasn’t been very long since I joined the sexting game. The first time a guy asked me to send him photos of myself, I was like uhhhhh how exactly does one do that? Needless to say I figured it out (with the help of a few other TSM columns). I enjoy sexting because it has all of the attention that comes along with sex with none of the penetration, just the way I like it. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve gotten sexting down to a science, and I’ve decided to share my knowledge with the world. If you think you’re ready to become a true sexting goddess, here’s what you need to know.

1.Teasing is key.

When I first started Snapchat sexting, I thought it was all about getting to the point. Like, “Hey, here’s my tits,” but it hasn’t been until recently that I learned that teasing is an important part of any Snapchat sexting session. Start off with some seemingly innocent stuff: a bare shoulder, a lip bite, some cleavage pics, anything and everything that’ll get him interested without baring all your goods right away. It’ll keep him guessing and make him want (and probably ask) for more.

2. Don’t forget about the less obviously sexual parts of your body.

I’ve learned that a pouty or gasping mouth can be one of the sexiest things you can send to a boy. You need to seem like you’re really into what you’re doing. So open your mouth slightly, cock your head to the side and just barely let your body in the shot. Your collar bone, side boob, hips, back, etc. are all neglected areas that’ll keep your sexting relationship more fun. Trust me, it’ll drive him nuts.

3. Illusions are your best friend.

Snapchat sexting is all about making you seem hotter than you are (to keep him into it and to win you plenty of confidence-boosting compliments). Angles are very important when creating illusions. You should always always always use your arms to push your boobs up and together, but you should never allow your arms to be in the picture. Arching your back (admittedly to painful levels) is the best way to achieve the big booty illusion you need. You have to make him believe that you naturally look like that so never let him see that painful contorted angle that your body is currently in. Strategically placing your body is important in creating the best possible picture to send.

4. Avoid direct lighting.

Let’s be honest, no one really looks that good with a bright light shining in their face. Direct light can easily show off imperfections that you’re insecure about. I’ve learned that the best and most sexual lighting comes from sitting in the dark with your computer on or with a very dim light surrounding you. Having only the light of the computer to illuminate you creates this really awesome shadowy look that makes for the best imperfection-covering pictures. So next time you’re sitting in your bed at 2 AM watching Netflix, take a cheeky nude and send it to the guy of your choice. I guarantee it’ll look way better than you expect.

5.Don’t be afraid of videos.

I spent a long time only using photos as my go-to way of snapchat sexting, but recently I’ve branched out into the video world. This may seem scary and intimidating but truly it’s all about the advice I’ve already given you. Accentuate your mouth, shoulders, neck, slowly move the camera to scan your body and don’t at all be afraid to touch yourself. Boys will always die for a slight boob grab, you playing with the hem of your tank top or bra, or just simply your hand anywhere. You don’t have to get super intense or porny to get him off, just keep everything slow and sexual.

6.Send multiple snaps in a row.

Sexts are like a bag of Doritos — you can’t have just one. It’s all about a balance of picture and video in different body areas all coming in at once. Send three in a row and then wait for his reply, then send a few more. The consistent stimulation will keep him much more excited and drooling over how hot you are.

7.Never show anything higher than the bottom of your nose.

We all know that the internet is a dangerous place (and that boys can sometimes be kind of skeezy) so just to be safe, you should never show your whole face in a photo that is going to include some part of your bare body. Keep it from the nose down in order to maintain some level of discretion and privacy (as much as one can have when showing their naked body to someone)

A key part of all of this is practice, practice, practice. The more pictures and videos you take of yourself, the more you’ll understand what angles, lighting, body parts, etc. work best for you, specifically. So be adventurous and try out some new things in your Snapchat sexting life. Whatever you do, just don’t send it to the wrong person.

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