How To Free Yourself Of Negativity By Shoving Your Feelings Deep, Deep Down

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Positivity is hard to come by in recent times. No matter what age you are or what stage of life you are in, we are all faced with trials and tribulations that can can take a toll on our state of well-being. There is nothing to prevent these daily stressors. It’s all in how we react to the challenges that each day brings us. To not only survive, but thrive, in your darkest days, it’s best to take the advice that your best friend has been impersonally texting you whenever you have something to bitch about: don’t let it bother you.

It’s that simple. Just completely ignore all of your feelings. Take all of the feelings that you have, except for happiness and contentment, and ball them up like a pile of dirty laundry. Then take those emotions and shove them so far into your subconscious that you don’t even realize they exist anymore. Once you have done that, you are only left with happiness and joy forever and nothing will ever bother you until the end of time.

Who needs other feelings anyway? No one likes them. They’re pointless really. Just happy, happy smiles, all the times, always, please and thank you! Feeling sad or angry is for the weak. Only the strongest of wills are able to dissociate from themselves so that even the most hurtful of situations rolls off of you like water rolls off of a duck’s feathers. Did you know duck’s feathers are waterproof? So cute! Happy little ducks! Nothing is wrong in the world!

So that guy you were into stopped talking to you for no good reason. It’s fine! Just take a deep breathe and ignore everything that is coming to your mind. You weren’t dumb enough to take what someone says at face value. What lunatic would do that? You knew all along that this was going to happen, so you can just sleep soundly knowing that all the anger you feel will stay bottled up inside until you release it on the wrong person at an incredibly inappropriate time.

So you feel like there is a lot of pressure on you at your new internship and even though you’re not in school all you can think about is your grades and how such seemingly insignificant numbers are controlling your entire future. You’re going to let that bring you down? Absolutely not! You are a strong, sensible woman who does not have time to feel emotions. What would that even do? Process your feelings so that you’d be able to move on in a healthy way? Make it so that you can understand yourself better and figure out a way to deal with your situation? Fuck that! Just, like, spend all of your time convincing yourself and everyone around you that you’re fine. Because you are. No, really, you’re fine. Stop asking.

By harboring all of your negativity and doubts in the deep crevices of your mind, you’ll have no choice but to be happy always. Because that’s what life is all about. Rejecting all bad things and instead funneling them into self-destructive behaviors. You’re not an alcoholic, you just like to have a good time. It just so happens that the only way you can have a good time is by drinking to forget that huge fight you got in with your best friend over nothing. Once you get past that, you’re a blast! Nothing to see here! Just a girl having a few drinks and falling on the dance floor! Happy as can be!

No feelings, no problem.

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