How To Get Skinny While You Are Literally Napping

How To Get Skinny While You Are Literally Napping

In January, we bought into the “new year, new me” campaign and vowed to get in shape to feel confident in our summer clothes. Girl Scout cookies and Valentine’s Day chocolates arrived, but no worries, we’d definitely overcome this setback in time for killer spring break bods. Well, that snuck up much more quickly than we imagined, but we’d for sure be in shape by summer break. I hate to break it to you, but summer break is here, and our plans to get in shape have once again fallen by the wayside. I could blame tacos, late night drinking, and bottomless mimosas at Sunday brunch, but the real problem for me is exercise.

It’s not that I don’t know that I should exercise, and I do, sometimes. But when dragging yourself to the stairmaster in your apartment gym kills your soul and unlimited barre classes kill your bank account, it’s so easy to just say “screw it” and order your swimwear in a size up. Go ahead and cancel that order though, because the solution to all of your gym hatred is finally here with — wait for it — napercise classes. In case I need to spell it out for you, that’s nap exercise.

Starting now, there are literally 45-minute fitness classes where you lay down on a mattress with a blanket and eye mask with a bunch of other strangers and just rest your pounds away. It’s unclear if this can be done from the comfort of my own bed as well, but you’d better believe I’m going to try. Anyway, if you’re near a David Lloyd gym, you should definitely book a class because they’re filling up fast. In case you’re wondering if this is actually bogus (which, to be fair, it might be), the research behind these classes show that 86% of parents report being fatigued. Most of us don’t have kids, but between late nights studying and partying, you can probably relate. When you’re this exhausted, scientists say that we make bad decisions about what we eat and how much we exercise, because getting enough rest can impact your motivation levels.

So in addition to using nap class as a motivational tool to get you in shape, the temperature of the room and time of day are specifically formulated so that you burn the highest possible amount of calories in your resting state, so you can literally nap yourself skinny. Ok, so it may not be as beneficial as Crossfit in giving you Instagram influencer abs, but if it takes a couple inches off of my waistline, I’m definitely going to try it. Maybe Corinne was onto something after all.

[via Independent]

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