How To: Secure A Little

How To Secure A Little

While recruitment may be the lifeblood of your sorority, finding a little is just as important, if not more so, to your personal well-being. I mean, the whole point of rush is to find your perfect little darling to craft for, bake for, take cute pictures with, and nurture into a miniature version of yourself.

The second your Bid Day List is read to the chapter, all babies are fair game. You should expect that all of your pledge sisters will be fighting for your girls. Little hunting, done properly, will result in obtaining the perfect little, the crème of the crop, the jelly to your peanut butter. Should you fail, you may be saddled with the awkward legacy that nationals didn’t let you cut. As they say, all’s fair in love and war, and little hunting is definitely war.

The second the babies walk through the doors, start scoping them out. You should probably be familiar with them as you’ve stalked them on Facebook, viewed their rush slides, and occasionally, actually met them during recruitment. Find a few girls that seem like they would fit in with your family. It’s important to pick more than one, in case your first girl date doesn’t go as you planned. You need to find a girl who is just as pretty as you are (you don’t want her screwing up pictures). You might want a girl who looks exactly like you, or a girl who is beautiful, but in a different way, so that no one compares you to each other. Bare height in mind. If you’re really tiny, you don’t want a model tall girl, or vice versa. It’s awkward.

Once you get your potential new littles’ numbers, text them on the reg. The key, though, is to make face time. Personal interaction is crucial, because the girls need to be truly mesmerized by you. Plan on doing lunch with a baby three to four days a week, at least until you’ve whittled your selection down your favorites. Go to dinner, take them shopping, offer to drive them places, whatever. Always offer to pay. Imagine you are a very doting boyfriend. You get the idea.

Gifts are always good. Buy her the occasional Starbucks beverage or handle of liquor once you’re sure she’s the one. Crafting something cute is a great idea, because it gives her a preview of how amazing her basket will be on reveal day. Just don’t be creepy. You want her to think you’re nurturing and nice, not a lesbian psychopath.

Going out is primetime for dirty littling. Obviously, invite your little-to-be to pregame with you. If she can’t keep up with you, then she probably isn’t worth your time. Have all your guy friends buy her drinks at the bar. She needs to realize that if she belongs to you, she will never pay for her own drinks. When she inevitably gets blackout drunk, arrange for her to get home safely. This is important. Once she sees how well you looked after her, she will be eternally grateful, and see you as the perfect big.

Note: Do NOT get so drunk that you admit to her that you want to be her big. You have to make her want you. Just like with boys, saying “I love you” too soon will scare her away.

Make sure you take tons of pictures with her. These are essential because it’s a clear indication that you are marking your territory. Rather than verbally announcing to your pledge sisters “Back off bitches, she’s mine!” everyone can see that your big/little relationship is basically FBO. If they’re smart, they will stay the hell away from your little. If you see a sister trying to girl flirt, intervene. The maneuver is the same one you’d pull if a rando were hitting on a sister at the bar. Be a major third wheel, and eventually cut her off to let her know that your future little isn’t interested.

With some grace and charm, you’ll be on your way to finding your perfect little. Happy hunting, ladies!

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