How To Study Without Wanting To Die


For a lot of people, exceeding in high school is easy. You study for an hour the night before, or sometimes (senior year) you can look over the notes five minutes before the test and know you’ll ace it. And then college happens, and gone are the days of a quick and easy study sesh. I should know, I failed a class or two learning this lesson. Why did it take me failing to learn this lesson? Because studying sucks. But there are a few ways you can make it less suck-y, and I don’t know, maybe not fail! Woohoo!

Figure Out What Works Best For You

What works for some people, doesn’t work for others. For instance, I cannot focus in the library. Some people can only focus in the library. Find your ~happy place~. Also, you need to figure out what time management works best for you. You might realize you need to start studying for an exam a month ahead of time. And some of you lucky hoes can get away with studying two days before. But don’t plan on this being your most effective route.


This one is so hard for me. You have to…put away your phone. *shrieks* You may think you have willpower and you won’t be on your phone, but once that group text starts going off, you’ll get sucked in. Then next thing you know, you look up from your phone and it’s three hours later. Avoid the phone blackout and just put across the room, or in a drawer. If you need your laptop to write a paper, turn off your wifi. If you need wifi, there is a way you can temporarily block specific sites (looking at you twitter dot com). Do that. Turn off your TV. If you need background noise (I know I do), try to pick music without lyrics.

Trick Yourself Into Enjoying Studying

Our elementary school teachers were onto something when they taught using bingo and M&Ms. It’s easier to learn when you have an incentive. Give yourself an incentive, it’s a serious game changer. Turn studying into a game. For each five, ten, sixty minutes of studying (whatever works for you), reward yourself with TV time, candy, social media binge (again, whatever works for you).

Get In The Right Head Space

Ohm. Ohm. Soak in the knowledge. Ohm. You need to go into studying motivated and ready to succeed. It’s super corny, but empty your mind of all the other things you’re stressing about. Think about your goals, and about how you’re going to crush the exam.

Use Your Resources

You’re not alone in this dark, scary world of studying. We’re all in this together trying to make this as easy as possible. For example, sites like StudyBlue let you upload your exam study guide, and browse to see if other people have uploaded their study guides in the same course. There’s also sites like Quizlet that allow you to enter the information you’ll need on your exam. From there it will provide you with several different study methods and games to help that info stick to your brain. Buh bye hand cramps from writing out hundreds of notecards.

Now go ace that test. Or get a B, a B works too.

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