Idiot Jewel Thieves Get Caught Because They Were Bragging On Facebook

Idiot Jewel Thieves Get Caught Because They Were Bragging On Facebook

No one, and I mean no one, likes a social media brag. Whether it’s a girl who posts a thousand pictures of her ugly yellow engagement ring or that kid from high school who didn’t make the effort to attend college and instead decided to dedicate his time to the cult-like phenomenon of Cross Fit, there’s no clearer way to say “unfriend me” than by rubbing your accomplishments in the faces of people who genuinely don’t give a shit. In this case, a group of thieves took to Facebook to flaunt their hoards of cash and undeserved lifestyle. But don’t worry. Karma is a huge bitch.

The five men spent about two years traveling the country, robbing jewelry stores of diamonds, acquiring millions of dollars. They hit about two dozen stores between Oregon and Florida, racking up a ton of cash and being huge douchebags about the whole thing. Apparently they had nicknames for each other based on their distinctive roles in the crime sprees, and at one point, they even used jet skis to get away. Fucking toolbags.

Detectives were ultimately able to pin the criminals based on social media, where they posted obnoxious pictures of designer clothing, five star hotels, and limo rides. You would think that becoming a millionaire would be enough to satisfy these guys, but no, they had to let all their indifferent Facebook friends know exactly how much money they were drowning in. One picture even had one of the morons using a stack of cash as a pillow. Way to stay of the radar, idiots.

Portland Police Detective Eric McDaniel told 20/20, “What got ‘em was greed. If they would have just stuck to the plan but not showed the money off publicly, we might still be trying to figure out who they are right now.”

I don’t think it was necessarily greed, but most likely poor social media etiquette that ultimately put them in the slammer. Let this be a lesson to all you humble brags: shit happens when you’re obnoxious AF.

[via ABC News]

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