Idiotic Girls Seek Text Advice Online, Those of Us With Friends Have a New Source of Entertainment

So apparently this website,, allows girls who I guess don’t have friends to consult on this kind of thing to send in screenshots of their text messages with boys to see what he possibly could have meant. Honestly, I can’t see how most of these girls are remotely confused by what the guy’s intentions are. Some popular ones include:

With the question, “Is he in this for the long run? Or is he in it just to hit it?” No, he clearly just wants you as his random slampiece with all his talk about making you part of his family. Please get an extensive amount of premarital counseling and learn how to communicate before any of this family creation happens.

With the question, “Do you think his out of office was genuine or should I call his office for more info?!?!?!” No, honey. He TOTALLY got called to Australia the moment you told him you were keeping the product of some one night stand he barely remembers.

With her questioning, “I’m so tired of him being off and on.” If you fall for that for three freaking years, you deserve him. He just insulted you in a supposed apology.

There wasn’t really a question, just voting on whether or not he was into the recipient, but I can’t help of just thinking of Mean Girls and describing the whole interaction as “too gay to function.”

With the question, “I have been flirting with this guy for a few weeks now… but he has a girlfriend. Why would he text me this in the first place if he didn’t think it was a good idea???” Because he’s a cheating bastard who either wants a sidepiece or won’t break up with his girlfriend until he has someone insecure enough to handle that crap lined up waiting on him.

No words.

Check it out, ladies. Some really quality laughs on there.


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