Idiots Worldwide Are Trying To Drill Headphone Jacks Into The iPhone 7


It’s been a hot minute since Apple introduced the iPhone 7, and fans freaked the fuck out over the lack of headphone jack. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. Apple is notorious for eliminating existing products and forcing customers to buy new ones, in an effort to solve a non-problem. No one hated headphones with a cord, the same way no one hated the old bulky charger.

Although, it seems ridiculous to introduce a product that literally every person alive is probably going to lose at some point. I can barely keep track of my car keys, how the fuck am I supposed to hang on to two tiny earbuds?

A YouTube user named “TechRax” decided to solve the issue by pulling out his 3.5mm drill bit and drilling a jack into the new iPhone 7. The video quickly went viral and has reached 10 million views. Even though TechRax CLEARLY STATES that the headphone hole he drilled doesn’t actually work.

So, naturally, the rest of Earth’s population was intrigued and thought that maybe, just MAYBE, it’ll work for them. The video quickly flooded with users who attempted to drill a headphone hole, and ended up breaking their phones. Because that’s what happens when you drill a hole into a functioning electronic device, you stupid buffoons.






People are dumb. The original poster has a history of messing with devices, and his profile says he’s been “smashing technology since 2011.” Not exactly a Steve Jobs reincarnate over here. For the record, I don’t feel bad for any of you. This stunt is dumber than the rumor that microwaving your phone will charge it, and anyone dumb enough to try either deserves a broken phone. You might as well have just flushed the $800 down the toilet.

[via Fortune]

Image via YouTube

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