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There’s nothing I love more than alternative Disney art. Why? Because I want, no, I need to know what Pocahontas would look like if she were a goth who went to an all-girls high school in the ’90s. I simply would not be complete if I didn’t know what Mulan Ariel would look like as a cross-dresser. If I do not see Michael Kors rendition of Snow White as a plus-sized model at Fashion Week 2014, I will literally pull my ovaries out through my throat. And can’t we all agree that the world is just a better place knowing that in some corner of the Village in New York City, there is a group of men dressed in drag as Disney princesses — and that somewhere else in the world, some artist drew pictures of it? I fucking think we can.

Point being, Disney art is awesome. Also awesome: “Game of Thrones.” So when Cosmopolitan released Disney’s animations for our favorite GOT characters, my whole life suddenly made sense. It’s like I’d always been waiting for this moment. Here it is.

Bran and Hodor



Jon Snow


[via Cosmopolitan]

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