If He Has A Beard, He’s More Likely To Cheat, Lie, And Be A Horrible Person


Beards are one of those traits that divides both women and men. Some guys love to grow them so they can hide their double chins “look sexy.” Some guys prefer to be clean cut. Some girls think that they’re rugged, mainly, and instant panty-droppers, whereas other girls would prefer for their man to not have a set of disgusting face pubes.

Whichever side you’re on, it doesn’t really matter. Because science decided to jump in and tell us what, exactly, we should want. And what it basically comes down to is this: if you want to date a horrible person, date a guy with a beard.

According to Eva, a video social network, men with beards are more likely to lie, cheat, steal, fight, and make you regret ever letting him into your pants heart. A survey, hosted by Censuswide, asked people nationwide the truth about bearded guys and it. Is. Not. Good.

From Eva:

45% of men with a goatee admitted to having enjoyed some fisticuffs, compared to 29% of peace-loving clean shaven men. In regard to cheating on their respective other, long mustachioed men were the worst culprits with 47% admitting to being unfaithful, compared to 20% of clean-shaven men. Finally, 40% of men surveyed with a goatee admitted to having stolen something, compared to just 17% of their clean-shaven counterparts.

Still not convinced? The survey goes on to say that 65 percent of women think that beards are ugly AF, and half of them said they’d never consider getting involved with a furry guy. But why do we hate them some much? You know, other than the fact that guys with them are total assholes? 44 percent cited said it’s because they’re unhygienic, and 39 percent said it’s because they’re afraid of random, rotting food stuck in the beard.

Feel like throwing up yet? So basically what it comes down to is that beards are gross. And guys who have beards are gross. Not just because their meals fall into the hairs and stay there forever, but because they’re generally shitty people. Sorry hipsters. Your days, and facial hair, are numbered. #TeamCleanShaven

[via Elite Daily, Eva]

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