If The Characters Of “Pretty Little Liars” Were Sorority Girls

Pretty Little Liars

Since early 2010, Freeform’s (formerly known as ABC Family) Pretty Little Liars have kept us ladies hanging on the edge of our seats. For almost five years, we followed Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily’s journey to demask the psychotic bitch we all know as “A”. I, as well as many others, have become attached to this show as it has been a part of my middle school, high school and now college life. Here’s what each of the characters in Pretty Little Liars would be like if they were sorority girls.

Spencer Hastings

I think everyone can agree on the fact that Spencer is an overachiever. She would totally be President or the Standards Chairwoman. Spencer would be the one that you make sure is blocked on Snapchat and Instagram. She would give long pointless speeches at every chapter meeting, and don’t get me started on the sisterhood Facebook pages. Although she means well and loves her chapter just as much as the next girl, her delivery comes off a little overbearing and jaws drop to the floor when you see her at a frat party.

Hanna Marin

Hanna would without a doubt live in Standards meetings. Maybe one or two exec hearings but you get the point. Hanna would be the sister who would be at every party every weekend. Her Snapchat stories are beyond lit and she would basically be living the college girl fantasy. Hanna would be the type who says “fuck” a lot and calls everybody a bitch. (Don’t lie, you know the girls are the most fun to be around.) She’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind and could care less what others think of her. To some, she’s a poor representation of the chapter. To others, she’s just Hanna and you love her either way.

Emily Fields

She’s sporty, athletic and has insane calf muscles. She’s Emily, the Intramural Chairwoman. She spends more time at the rec than she does in actual class and no one’s ever seen her with a guy so you’re thinking she might be a lesbian. Her filter is nonexistent and she only wears Nike shorts with a club volleyball t-shirt. ALL. THE. TIME. When she’s not playing sports, she’s watching them and tweeting about how UK’s basketball team missed that winning shot. Believe it or not, though, she does have feelings and will show them every once in awhile. She’s the sister that will go to the gym with you because you don’t want to go by yourself and the one that will gladly punch your ex in the face.

Aria Montgomery

Aria’s the sister who’s insanely skinny but eats more than you and your little put together. Her curiosity always puts her in a position where she’s always wondering and asking questions. She’s the one who always has her hand raised in chapter meetings. (Love her to death, but come on.) She has an opinion on anything and everything concerning the chapter but doesn’t want a position because she doesn’t want people to hate her. You can always count on her to reply to your texts and she’s always the sober one at parties. She slays the short hair and the outfits are on point.

Alison DiLaurentis

Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. She can’t be trusted. Don’t tell her one of your secrets. Rumors swarmed around campus that she shared ritual details to her boyfriend. She’s been caught in numerous lies where she played the victim but it turned out to be just a cry for attention. You look at her sometimes and wonder what the chapter sees in her. For a long time, she didn’t keep her hatred for certain girls a secret but now that she’s back from studying abroad, she wants to build relationships with sisters and forget the past. You’re not buying it, though. You see right through her like she bathes in Windex. You want to see the good in her but you simply just can’t.

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