If The Disney Princesses Were Members Of Your Group Of Friends

Disney Princesses

We all have our cliques, and each girl plays her own special role: the studier, the drunk, the life of the party, the athlete, the shopaholic. Well, we all know which Disney princess we are, and if I had to bet, I’d say the Disney princesses would each perfectly fit into the mold of one of the members of your friend group. One of them might even be you.

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Meet Rapunzel, the average looking girl who gets way too much attention from boys because she has great hair. She’ll tell anyone and everyone that her spirit animal is the hair flip emoji girl. Don’t even try getting ready with her for formal unless you want four hours of your life to waste away in front of your eyes. You probably get a little hair envy from time to time, but when you hear how long it takes her to blow dry her locks, it quickly evaporates.

Snow White
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Snow White is the girl who sleeps through all of her classes but still makes As because she bribes people with baked goods. She’s a little overdramatic and always has on her Disney Pandora station–I mean, really, does everything need to be sung? It’s endearingly sweet and everyone loves her for it. She probably volunteers at a pet store or the humane society. Oh, and she wouldn’t be caught dead without a hairbow.

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While Snow White is all-American, Pocahontas is the hot, foreign exchange student who speaks zero words of your language but still somehow manages to pull more than you. Oh, so you mean guys actually notice legs in a minidress over a great personality? She’s a little weird–leave the campus squirrels alone, you psycho–and she’s way too outdoorsy, but somehow it’s a perfectly natural fit for her.

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We all have that one ginger, and so do the princesses. Ariel, soulless and pale though she may be, is a necessary part of your friend group. She’s at a disadvantage when it comes to love and friendship, she often gets left for non-ginger competitors, and a lot of attention is sadly directed at her hotter sisters. However, she looks great in a bikini, so she can still pull when push comes to shove. She’s a complete daddy’s girl, too. A sweet little “Please?” with those puppy dog eyes and a new car shows up in her driveway in an instant.

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Jasmine, I hate to say, is the show off Queen B. Yes, her dad is very important and she grew up in a fucking mansion. However, her dad worked a little too long some weekends, so she always has to show juuuuust a little too much skin to get validation from the boys. There’s still hope for her, though. She’ll eventually meet a guy who thinks she’s more beautiful in sweats than a crop top, and her happily ever after will consist of more than just a drunken dance floor makeout.

Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty is THAT girl–the girl who gets way too drunk at every party and always ends up passing out and waking up in a random’s bed. She was probably a little too sheltered in high school. She definitely had conservative parents and she was maybe even homeschooled, and with just a little peer pressure, she became an absolute hot mess. She eventually grows out of it, but until then, just try to make sure she doesn’t pass out with her shoes on.

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Finally, Cinderella exists to be the mom of your friend group. She cleans up after you and lets you boss her around, but where would we be without her? We all need someone to fix holes in our dresses in case of an emergency and someone to drive us home before midnight. One of these days, though, the friend group mom has to let loose–she’ll finally get dressed up to get messed up, and when she does, beware. She may wake up on the side of the road with some random drunk eats and missing a shoe, but she’ll have had a hell of a night to remember.

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