If The Women From Desperate Housewives Were In Your Sorority

If The Women From Desperate Housewives Were In Your Sorority

Susan Mayer

Susan was the PNM who tripped and fell walking into your house during recruitment but was so cute about it you knew you wanted her. Her artistic talents would easily get her banner chair and make your front porch the best-looking on sorority row. She’d always be down for a coffee study break and also always there for you when that one guy becomes ghosty.

Bree Van de Kamp

Oh, perfect Bree. She’d probably run for every chair possible and kick your house into tip top shape. She’d be the girl at another sorority’s event silently judging it. Her room in the house would sparkle with pastels and Lilly. Her underwear would even be monogrammed. Bree would prefer a night in with Netflix and white wine over a trashy frat party. If she ever did attend a party, she’d show up in white gloves and a J. Crew cardigan.

Lynette Scavo

Def the mom of the friend group. You could count on her to be the DD and when she does go out, she is herding everyone together at the end of the night. She’d dedicate herself to providing leadership and scholar to the house but don’t underestimate her, she would know how to shotgun a beer like a champ.

Gabrielle Solis

Gabby is the hot girl who joined the sorority just for the social scene. She’d gag at any “sweet, sisterly” moment. Gabby would have a standards meeting just about every week but would always get away with a warning because of her wit and charm. She’d be able to manipulate any fraternity to pair with your house. You’d either hate her or love her as a sister.

Edie Britt

She’d think she’s better than about 99% of the house but deep down inside would make a loyal sister. Edie loves a good competition so would be determined to win your house everything possible. She’d also be the one running in short shorts and a sports bra down fraternity row while looking flawless.

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