If You And Your Guy Netflix And Chill, You’ll Probably Get Married

Whether you’re with a new guy or a long-term boyfriend, at some point, you’ve probably delved into one of your Netflix queues. While it may have started out of pure boredom or just waiting on your delivery pizza to arrive, you pulled up an episode of Stranger Things to pass the time. Before you know it, you’re hooked. You spend your entire weekend with your guy binging on Netflix until all of the episodes are over, and when it’s done, you mourn the loss of your new shared interest together.

Don’t tell your boyfriend, but in addition to curing your boredom, it turns out that watching TV shows together actually increases the strength of your relationship bond. The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships just published a new study showing that watching a TV show together actually recreates the bonding experiences that normally exist when two parties in a relationship share the same friend group. For those of you who met your S.O. on Tinder or at a bar, this is great news. Even if you don’t have any mutual friends, you’ll still get the same level of emotional bonding that you would if Rachel, Joey, and Chandler were your actual friends.

While it may not seem that important that you have friends in common with your boyfriend, the study actually claims that having the same friend group improves the quality of your relationship so much that researchers think having mutual friends is a key component to healthy relationships. But now, thanks to this amazing new study, you can completely forego all exterior forms of social interaction and instead make your boyfriend fall madly in love with you through binge-watching Breaking Bad together. Hopefully this isn’t too good to be true, because I’ve officially updated my queue and canceled all of my plans from here until eternity. Ring by spring, here I come.

[via Teen Vogue]

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