If You Post Inspirational Quotes, You’re Actually Stupid


You know who I hate? That one girl on our timelines. You know that bitch I’m talking about. She’s constantly posting whatever quote, picture, or meme is currently going viral with the oh-so-original caption of “lol so me.” No matter what is going around on the internet, she’s quick to post it, and for some reason, that boils your blood. You want to shout at her, or many do a little “Mean Girls” style hair pulling because, GOD, why does she have to be so basic in the worst way possible?

Because she’s stupid. Like, actually, scientifically stupid.

According to Vice, people who post recycled “inspirational quotes” are actually pretty stupid. Shocker, right? It all started when a study, hilarious called “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit,” was conducted.

Basically, the study took 300 people and fed them “inspirational quotes.” The people had to score the quotes from 1-5 on how “profound” they were. Some of the sayings were legit, and some of them were literally just smart sounding words thrown together. You know, bullshit like, “To go along the story is to become one with it. Aspiration is a constant.”

I know. Vom. So anyways, it turns out that the bitches who scored the generic, overused, viral quotes as profound actually had lower intelligence levels. Maybe it’s because they’re not creating things, or maybe it’s because they’re brainwashed into just posting whatever everyone else is positing in hopes of getting likes (aren’t we all?). Either way, you can now feel better whenever you see that girl you hate post yet another viral quote you’ve seen fourteen times because guess what? It’s not your fault you’re so much smarter than she is.


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If you or someone you know is suffering from faux inspirational viral-quote sharing, please get help. We know it’s not your fault that you’re so basic, but that doesn’t stop us from hating you. Hopefully now you’ll see the light, and start sharing more intellectual, important, life-changing things. Like embarrassing pictures of yourself as a child or videos of dogs playing in snow. You know, the important things.

[via Vice, On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit]

Image via Total Sorority Move

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