If You Still Hate The Kardashians, You’re More Annoying Than They Are


It’s a narrative we’ve heard a hundred times. People hate the Kardashians. They’re sick of seeing them in the news for buying a new purse. They’re sick of their Instagram posts making headlines. They’re sick of society caring about eyebrows, because one time Kim said her eyebrows were on fleek. These women are fame whores, people say. Famous for nothing. Nothing but a well-timed sex tape. They have no talent, no accomplishments. They’ve done nothing for society, but run it. The hatred never ends.

The arguments are tired. And unoriginal. And whiny. And to them I say: get over it.

Kim Kardashian was rich before she started “selling her whole life for money.” She had famous-ish friends before then too. Fame and wealth are tied together so closely that they’re hard to separate. Honestly we find the wealthy so fascinating that they become famous. They’re called socialites. And they’re not new. Neither is Kim’s part in this lifestyle.

Kim has had a prominent circle of friends her entire life. Her family was very wealthy. Robert Kardashian senior was an attorney in one of the most famous trials in history (I’m talking O. J. if you somehow don’t know). You don’t get that case by being bad at your job. As a teen, Kim was friends with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, other super rich, super famous kids who were pretty much just riding their parents’ fortunes.

Kim, a long-time friend of Nicole, got closer with her and Paris as they catapulted into fame. As early as 2003, Kim made her television debut on “The Simple Life,” and despite what everyone thinks, it was not as Paris’s closet-maid, but her friend.

When Nicole and Paris had their falling out in 2005, who was there to dry the more famous girl’s tears? Kim K. Paris and Kim were photographed together constantly in 2006, and because Paris had already made a name for herself, Kim was almost in. You see, every socialite is just one well-timed scandal away from fame, because people already almost care about them. Even if they’re not important people themselves, they’re generally related to important people. Whether or not those important relatives are important to Hollywood is irrelevant. People want to hear about the daughters of Fortune 500 CEOs going wild, because they’re pretty and it’s interesting.

In 2007, “The Simple Life,” ran its last season, because Paris and Nicole essentially hated each other by that point. We all needed a new socialite to ogle, and a few months later, Kim’s sex tape leaked, and it was the dawn of an era. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” aired in October of that year, and the family has be arguably the most famous family in the country (the world?) ever since.

The point being, Kim has been a superstar for almost ten years. If you’re still complaining about her “being famous for nothing,” it’s time for you to move on. You’ve had time to process this. You’ve watched her and her family grow. And unlike her predecessor, she is here to stay. So you’ve really got to stop hating her for simply being famous. It doesn’t make any sense.

You could argue that she’s famous for a sex tape, and so she’s undeserving of her title as the socialite queen. But you’d be wrong. She’s famous — still famous — because she’s a brilliant businesswoman. Countless socialites have tried the exact same model. Look at Alexis Neiers: rich parents, social scandal, reality TV show on E! and your boyfriend has no idea who she is.

Hating Kim and the Kardashian/Jenner family is a waste of everyone’s time. It’s like when your parents complain about social media ruining the world. It’s not ruining the world. It’s just changed it. And like it or not, bitching about the new world we live in is not going to change it back. The Kardashians are famous because there is a market for them. We are fascinated by the lives of wealthy people. We want to know what they’re wearing, and what their makeup looks like, and what they’re doing to their hair, because it represents everything we’ve always dreamed of. If it wasn’t Kim, it would have been someone else, because the fact of the matter is we want to marginally feel like we are a part of that life.

So instead of getting flustered about it and willing her and her family out of existence, take that negative energy, and direct it where it belongs: at Taylor Swift.

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Veronica Ruckh

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