Iggy Azalea Literally Got Into A Twitter Fight With Papa John’s

Iggy Azalea Literally Got Into A Twitter Fight With Papa John's

Rap feuds have existed since, well, the dawn of rap music. They’re not just an unavoidable part of the rap world, they’re a part of rap history: East Coast versus West Coast, Tupac versus Biggie, N.W.A. versus Ice Cube, Murder, Inc. versus G-Unit, Nicki Minaj versus Lil Kim, Eminem versus…well, everyone. Introducing the newest addition to the rap feud pantheon: Iggy Azalea versus Papa John’s.

Last night, before the Grammy Awards, the artist who brought you “Fancy,” “Black Widow,” and “Booty” feuded with the people who brought you garlic sauce, the double bacon six-cheese pizza, and obesity. Why? Apparently, a Papa John’s delivery driver handed out her personal phone number to family members.

Whoa, Iggy, Iggy that’s a biggie. She demanded names and pictures of the drivers who gave out her information, but the supervisor refused to give them to her.

Papa John’s, never one to miss an opportunity for branding, decided to make a joke out of it. Ms. Azalea was not amused.

Come on, Iggy, you’re too harsh. You’ve gotta give them props for listening to a song of yours that isn’t “Fancy.” As always, though, in the pizza game, the fucking genius who runs the DiGiorno Twitter account was on point.

Seriously, though, a privacy breach is no laughing matter — though I do think that Iggy needs better taste in pizza. I mean…

Papa John’s was your favorite? I’ve eaten more satisfying pizzas from a box of Lunchables. Is your favorite steak a McDonald’s cheeseburger? Get some better taste in pizza, woman!

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